About our pond and meadow garden

Unidentified red rose, pink New Dawn and wild sweetpea on the front of the house, June 2007

Unidentified red rose, pink New Dawn and wild sweetpea on the front of the house, before we moved in

We are making a garden that brings together a wild meadow of orchids and fritillaries and the pond beside it.

the glade

the glade

The meadow is almost as it was found, a corner of a former farmyard left wild for at least 30 years. It is poor ground, which encourages at least 40 species of wild grasses and flowers, including pyramid and bee orchids, snakeshead fritillaries in quite large numbers, and a rare fern.

the pond

the pond

The pond was full of mud, which has been cleared, and it is now linked to the meadow by a glade under a pair of ash trees. The restoration of the pond is described in ‘the pond blog’. (See blogroll).

The ground between the pond and the meadow was damaged when many tons of mud were piled on it during the pond cleaning, but this has been removed and resown, partly with wild grasses. Away from this area, on the other side of the house, but still overlooking the pond, is a small secluded back garden and lawn.

The 16th century cottage is being repaired as the garden and pond are developed.

As well as ‘all posts’, you can see gardening, pond or pond maintenance posts separately by clicking on the links at the top. Pond maintenance posts go into detail about how we look after the pond structure and water health, continuing from our detailed account of the techniques we used to rescue this ancient pond, which can be found in the pond blog.

Fritillaries and cowslips

Fritillaries and cowslips



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