A new pondweed

After 5 years of dealing successfully with blanket and duck weed, a new challenge, potamogeton crispus, otherwise known as curly pondweed has appeared in the pond. A few plants appeared last year and the year before. This spring there are very large growths.

It is listed by the Royal Horticultural Society as troublesome and the advice us simply to pull it out to reduce the growth, though once in a pond it won’t disappear altogether. So when the water is a bit warmer, it will be waders on and into the pond to do some weeding. It is noticeable that the areas where I raked the bottom last November to clear debris there is almost none of the new weed, so that is another longer-term option.

The good news is that it’s quite easy to pull up and it also seems to blanket out blanket weed. Curly pondweed is sold as an oxygenator for small ponds and aquariums and only becomes a real nuisance in large ponds and lakes. Oxygenation is a plus, too.

How it got into the pond is unknown.  Our neighbours did have carp in a tank which they transferred to their pond, which connects with ours, so that is a possibility.


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