Bluebells in the copse

Bluebells in the copse

Gunnera by the pond

Gunnera by the pond

Lots of blue in the garden this spring. Masses of forget-me-knots have seeded all around, especially in the bed beneath the ash trees by the pond and the bluebells are spreading nicely in the copse, following on after the snowdrops. They do well under the Motley holm oak and go well with the foxgloves and various primula I planted nearby. The meadow is full of cowslips and cow parsley now as the fritillaries fade and set seed.

The gunnera have come through the winter in fine form. They are  thriving by the pond. The small pieces we transplanted two years ago have quickly caught up with the three plants bought from a nursery in 2010. All are now pushing up large flowering spikes. Last year I took a picture of ER standing underneath the leaves, looks like this year they may be even taller.



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