Enduring vine

This is the first crop from a vine that has survived a year or two in a pot on a roof terrace, half a dozen years transplanted to a London garden and then a massive root and branch pruning before a second transplant to a clay soil in Suffolk, where it struggled for several years and then took off. Seven bunches of sweet grapes harvested on 18 October and one left on the vine to see what happens.
The bunches were protected from birds with a white gauze cloth, after a crop of two or three bunches last year was eaten by birds. Yesterday the birds had just got in by tearing at the cloth, and snails had sneaked in underneath and had started an attack – we rescued the fruit in time.
What variety? Will, who first owned it on his roof terrace, thinks it was Muscat.

Postscript: birds tore through two layers of tied up gauze and ate the last bunch.