Spring 2013


The bridge, and last of the pond mud landscaped

The bridge, and last of the pond mud landscaped in April

A simple three plank bridge was built over the pond outflow. The very last of the pond mud, stacked at the bottom of the garden, was landscaped into a gentle slope. It will lie fallow until the weeds sprout then be cleared and grassed.

Mid-month, spring begins several weeks late. By the end of April there was a great burst of growth, and the cowslips and snakes head fritillaries, much delayed, burst open in a few days.

Snakes head fritillaries

Snakes head fritillaries

This year has been the best so far for fritillaries, with perhaps a hundred in our meadow and the same again in next door’s garden, where they thrive in the rough meadow grass, which needs to be well mown later, which encourages the next year’s fritillaries.

003 It is worth collecting the seeds and scattering them to help these beautiful and threatened plants spread.

Anemone Blanda

Anemone blanda

Anemone blanda, planted in autumn 2012, also put on an excellent display.